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What To-Do If Sexually Harassed

Sexual harassment is legally recognized problem in many countries, but most of the people do not speak out. It involves unwelcomed sexual conducts that create an intimating or offensive working. The main reason what a lot of people do not report the problem is that they believe that no one is going to help them. Blaming has been used traditionally to counter the claim of rape; many women fear that when they report, blaming is going to be used against them.

There are employment situation that put people at a higher risk of sexual harassment. Most commonly male-dominated work, work for tips like restaurants, and isolated context poses people at a higher risk of the harassment. Psychologist says that sexual harassment is going to trigger symptoms that are similar to those of depression and anxiety. The symptoms of the post-traumatic disorder will also happen if the harassment was violent. The employee’s productivity will go down. If harassed, you should, therefore, make sure that you report.

The first step is to tell the harasser to start the behavior. A warning will provide you with reliable points in the case you decide to file a case. For many people it is a challenge to open up to the harasser; however, it is necessary for your wellbeing. The harasser will be aware that their actions are unwelcomed and they need to change. For the people who are not confident to confront the harasser, they should draft a short letter; the letter should show how you are feeling about the conduct of the harasser.

If you have warned the harasser several times, but they are not changing, then you should consider reporting to the management of the company. You should not attempt to skip this process although it may seem challenging. It is essential first to make sure that you have read and understood the company policies about sexual harassment; go through the employee policies manual. Alternatively, you can consult your supervisors on the steps to take when filing complaints.

If complaining to your employer does not help, you should report to the government agencies. They shall provide you with the guidance of the required steps that you are supposed to take. They can also help in solving the case rather than proceeding to the court. From the time that you commenced giving warning to the harasser, it is vital to make sure that you have documented everything. You are going to use the documents as evidence for your claim. Do the recording in a sequential way.

You should include a sexual harassment lawyer such as Request Legal Help when you want to file a claim. A lawyer will help guide you through the process. You are going to get an excellent representing that will ensure that you get justice.

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