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Reasons to Use Plant Grow Trays

The best container that would be used for the purpose of holding a growing plant is a grow container. Some of these trays contain a leak valve used for the purpose of draining excess water. Some of the grow trays are used for the purpose of holding the grow media while some of them are used for the purpose of holding pots which contain plants. This article highlights some of the benefits of using cannabis grow trays.

When cannabis is grown in pots, they tend to grow in circles. The result is entanglement of these plants. This causes oxygenation issues, and the water tends to remain in one place. Most of the pots lack the channels required to drain excess water. Another disadvantage of using pots is that they do not provide 2with enough room for the growth of roots. Also, when the roots are constricted, the plant fails to take in enough water and nutrients. The plant also becomes more compressed and this affects their process of water intake.

So far, we have seen there are many disadvantages associated with the use of pots. The growth limit of the plant is also reduced when it comes into contact with the walls of the pot. Therefore, grow trays are better for the growth of cannabis plants especially when it is winter especially because they have an ability to regulate the plant’s temperature. When it is summer, you should not grow your plants using papers as they are likely to expose the plant to excessive heat. Besides regulation of temperature, the trays also ensure that the plant has been provided with a breathable quality. Excess heat is actually released from the side.

It is also very difficult for someone to store pots when they are not in use. Furthermore, they also take on a lot of space. They also require a lot of care so that they do not crack or get broken. The importance of using grow trays is that they can be stored with minimal space each season.

Grow trays are also considered to be quite versatile. When you purchase them from a good company, you are able to get some of which are resistant to fungal and other microbial. In summary, it is important for someone to purchase trays which have defined drainage systems.

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